The Journey of E-Commerce Industry in Pakistan

By on April 12, 2015

E-commerce started rising across the world years ago. However, recently, Pakistan has joined the ever-growing feast too. Today, e-commerce has become the next big thing within Pakistan, and the future is booming. This new journey has enabled a number of people to come forth with their small businesses and grow huge. Right now, Internet industry is growing real strong in Pakistan, and it can be said that it has reached a very exciting point. Pakistan, being among the most populated countries of the world happens to have more than 22 million Internet users, around 8 million of which are using Facebook; hence e-commerce industry is ever expanding within this region.

An Outlook:

The need of Pakistani’s for online stores is increasing by the day. With rush on the streets and traffic jams, not many people have the energy left to go out shopping after a long day at work. Most people would prefer sitting at home and online shopping rather than taking out the car and getting stuck in traffic for hours to reach the market. Recent times have also seen drastic changes in the online industry dynamics, where year 2012 has been marked as the very turning point. Some of the online marketplaces that started off years ago now stand strong.

 The Past:

Introduction of e-commerce in Pakistan wasn’t easy. The very first Internet industry venture started in 2001 by Abid Beli, who introduced Through collaboration with leadings banks, it quickly became an online portal with efficient distribution systems. It has to its credit, the distinction of being the sole player in the market until 2006 -boasting an exceptional 3 hours’ delivery time in the city and a less than 24 hours’ time outside the city. Facing the troubles of that day, the venture shut down its Dubai office in 2006, while retaining its Pakistan office. However,eventually more businesses started rising, one major success story being that of, giving a hope to Pakistan’s e-commerce industry.

E-Commerce Champs to Look Out For: is one of the top online shopping stores of Pakistan right now. On this website, clothes and accessories of many famous brands can be purchased. Apart from that, now the website is also offering home appliances and electronics, along with cellphones and laptops. is going strong because of its free home delivery along with the option of cash on delivery. is one of the largest marketplaces of Pakistan right now. promotes a number of new business setups to put up their products for free and sell them online. Apart from that, the website also offers branded clothes, electronics, home appliances, some of the best deals on mobile phones and laptops as well.

Another website to look forward to is, which is yet another marketplace. However, on this website you are more likely to find electronics, laptops and cellphones and other appliances than clothes and jewelry. Homeshopping focuses more on electronics than personal shopping; hence you have to pick your priorities before shopping here.

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